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I am an artist, a wife, a mother, a friend, a deviant and a special education teacher. I say artist first because I cease to be sane if i don't work on my art, seriously, I have to go into therapy... My work is an evolution of my experiences and philosophy. It spans multiple mediums and subjects, most recently focusing on the balance of expression and form. I spend a lot of time on chaos theory and macro/micro theory. The theory of balance and entropy in the universe fuels my inspiration. I love movies and philosophy, sometimes spiraling into deep conversations about both. These are my musings and thoughts, as well as insight into my artistic process and my work View more at: GoldenSpiralDesigns.deviantart.com redbubble.com/people/caitlinpadilla

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What it is

so, this is going to change... this is now the life of a teacher... a married teacher, in the suburbs. we are here. we are the products of the eighties. we are enlightened and have a voice.
i have a voice
this is my voice.
no one ever told me what it would be like to be an adult. period. no one had a sit down and tried, in any way, to rationally talk to me about growing up. it is crazy. i don't feel grown up. i am 31, and i do not feel like i am 31. what does that mean? first of all: THERE IS NO HAPPILY EVER AFTER. im sorry to break it to you. if you have a daughter do not feed her this fallacy. please. for the good of humanity, don't. i am not saying there is no happiness, quite the contrary. i am happy, and have been happy for most of my life, but i never thought a prince would come and save me. there is no prince. you are the only person who will ever save you. know that. life is beautiful and there is more out there for you than you could possibly imagine, but YOU are the only person that can make that happen.