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I am an artist, a wife, a mother, a friend, a deviant and a special education teacher. I say artist first because I cease to be sane if i don't work on my art, seriously, I have to go into therapy... My work is an evolution of my experiences and philosophy. It spans multiple mediums and subjects, most recently focusing on the balance of expression and form. I spend a lot of time on chaos theory and macro/micro theory. The theory of balance and entropy in the universe fuels my inspiration. I love movies and philosophy, sometimes spiraling into deep conversations about both. These are my musings and thoughts, as well as insight into my artistic process and my work View more at: GoldenSpiralDesigns.deviantart.com redbubble.com/people/caitlinpadilla

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


well, it is a new year, a new house and a new job! i have settled into my new job, as a third grade special ed teacher, very interesting! kids are kool!! my classroom is all set up and we have plunged into the routine right off the bat! routine is sooooo important! i have started clesses at cnm as well, and that is different. the classes are set up for people who already have a degree, so we hit the ground running! the philosophy is: you are an adult, you are taking this for a reason, get it done! so it is nice. the house is going through growing pains, and already we have repairs and fixes...annoying in a way, but cool because i get to make it mine. i satred a painting in the bathroom...trees and vines. working and studying A LOT!! well, that is all for now. i will post pics of the mural... be well.