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I am an artist, a wife, a mother, a friend, a deviant and a special education teacher. I say artist first because I cease to be sane if i don't work on my art, seriously, I have to go into therapy... My work is an evolution of my experiences and philosophy. It spans multiple mediums and subjects, most recently focusing on the balance of expression and form. I spend a lot of time on chaos theory and macro/micro theory. The theory of balance and entropy in the universe fuels my inspiration. I love movies and philosophy, sometimes spiraling into deep conversations about both. These are my musings and thoughts, as well as insight into my artistic process and my work View more at: GoldenSpiralDesigns.deviantart.com redbubble.com/people/caitlinpadilla

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Time For Hitler, and Germany...

I have come out of hibernation! we have a new president! and i fell great! even though the econome is in the shitter, i am optomistic! i left a child (my art gallery) it was an ugly break-up, but i have moved on, and have gone out on my own again to beat down the world of galleries! So, spring is upon us! so many things going on, new job, break-ups, connections etc. I find it hard to keep things in perspective. I am in a transitional moment and all i can think of is the result. i have been having dreams about our house...well soon to be house, well the idea of the house that we haven't seriously started looking for because we are "saving the down payment and the "buffer" six month expenses 'just in case' fund and i don't want to fall in love with a place we can't afford or is sold out from under us"- house. but i keep having dreams about gardening, and decorating and building a studio, and having PARTIES! God i love parties, i am the best hostess! i love to socialize and have people in my home, i can't wait to be able to have people over again!